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Wirral Care Record

The Wirral Care Record (WCR) is a new, confidential, digital care record that is under development and will contain patient health and social care information.

The WCR will include information from each partner organisation, which includes:

  • Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospital)
  • Wirral GPs
  • Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust (District/Community Nurses)
  • Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (Mental Health Services)
  • Wirral Council (Adult and Children Social Services only)

Each of these organisations have their own patient records and are solely accountable for their patient data. The WCR brings data from these different organisations together, so the same information can be viewed in one record. Each organisation will share and disclose data to each other as part of the WCR, but will still remain responsible for their own patient data. The WCR is simply a way of viewing the information held by these organisations.

Allowing authorised health and social care professionals to have access to the same information will provide patients with safer, more consistent care whether they are in hospital, at a GP surgery or any other place where care is accessed.

Please click on the link below for information on the Wirral Care Record and Health Information Exchange

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