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Face to face appointments

Posted on May 16th, 2021

You may have seen in the media this weekend that “Patients have won the right to Face to Face appointments”.  We at Liscard Group Practice would like to assure our patients that we have always been, and will continue to offer, face to face appointments for patients where required.

Due to the nature of the pandemic we have had to limit access to the practice in order to make the practice ‘covid secure’; a waiting room that could previously hold 15-20 patients can now only hold 5/6 if they are to socially distance properly.  We also have a duty of care to protect not only our staff, but patients who may be more vulnerable to the consequences of catching covid.  We are aware that although restrictions are easing in England from Monday, there are still increases in infection rates in certain strains of the virus.

NHS England have not yet released any guidance to practices on what is required, and until such guidance is issued the practice will continue to operate as it has been.  We are currently encouraging patients to phone the practice or contact us via e-consult (on our website) in the first instance rather than just walk in, and patients will be triaged by a member of the team.  Face to face appointments will continue to be offered where required.

We thank you for your continued support.